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出國英語考試有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思閱讀評分標準 托福閱讀評分標準 雅思和托福的區別



  一.識別錯誤Identifying Sentence Error(簡稱ISE)

  .動詞 動詞里面主要考三個考點:主謂搭配一致;平行結構;時態語態一致。 主謂搭配一致主要就是指謂語的單復數要和它所對應的主語的單復數一致。


  Like every other

  (A) sociological system, the commune has (B) a way of functioning that may be easily upset (C), either slightly or extreme (D). NO ERROR(E)

  分析:這道題目所考察的就是平行結構,因為either or所緊連接的兩個詞在語法功能和時態結構上應該保持一致,前面是副詞slightly,所以后面也應該是副詞extremely.答案選D. 時態和語態一致即指前后的時態和主被動的語態應該保持一致

  比如: Many(A) biographers had stated(B) that Samuel Langhorne Clemens changed(C) his name to Mark Twain to echo the riverboat captain’s call ascertaining the safe navigation(D) depth of the Mississippi River. NO ERROR(E) 很明顯這句話的主句應該是用一般過去時而不應該是過去完成時,所以答案應該選B,將had去掉。

  2.名詞 NEW SAT中的名詞主要是考察名詞的單復數錯誤。 Although(A) they have(B) radically different career plans, Luna and Gabriei both(C) hope to be a Michigan State graduates(D) one day. NO ERROR(E) 這道題目的D前面用了不定冠詞a,后面又出現了一個復數形式graduates,所以明顯是錯誤的。

  3.介詞 介詞主要是考固定搭配。比如看這么一道題目: Wanda implored(A) Marco not to be jealous over(B) her work; she explained that because(C) she liked both Marco and her job, he would have to share(D). NO ERROR(E) 我們知道固定搭配應該是be jealous of,所以jealous后面的介詞應該是of而不應該是over,答案選B.

  Improving Paragraph(改進文章,簡稱IP)

  一般這種題型有四大類問題:改正句子中的語法錯誤(Sentence Revision);把兩句句子結合成一個句子(Sentence Combination);在段落中插入句子(Senetence Addition);以及文章分析問題(Eassy Analysis)。IE主要考查詞法:

  SAT 語法考點分類









  1. Interested in studying insects and their effects on agriculture, Larissa and Tariq plan to become

  an entomologist and then return to help the farmers in their small town. No error.

  2.When they were asked to compare Norman Rockwell’s paintings to painter Robert

  Rauschenberg, the students entered into a prolonged discussion about the representation of reality

  in art. No error.

  3. There is probably no story more dramatic than baseball’s great hitter and right fielder Hank

  Aaron. No error.

  4. Joining a grassroots movement against inhumane working conditions, some consumers in the

  United States have stopped buying products from countries in which workers are essentially a

  slave laborer. No error.

  5. Members of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company have once again shown how the combination of

  strength and being agile can produce beautiful movements. No error.



  1. Because our casserole was smelling surprisingly badly as it baked, the food science teacher

  came over to ask us what we had put in it. No error.

  2. Social scientists agree that a system for exchanging goods and services is not only present but

  also of necessity in all societies. No error.

  3. Just how critical an improved balance of trade is to a healthy economy has never been more

  clearer than it is now. No error.

  4. Lions and tigers may be identical in size, but the tiger is the fiercer animal and the lion the


  考點:謂語動詞do-did-done/非謂語動詞to do/doing/done;


  1. Jerome often referred to art history textbooks while he was sculpting; whenever he learned a

  new method in art class, he seeks out the work of sculptors who had used it in the past. No error.

  2. As he eagerly awaited the interview for the job, Miguel thought it wise suppressing his

  nervousness and to display a calm he did not feel. No error.

  3. The grooved and barbed spears of the box jellyfish, each trailed by a poison thread, is released when the animal is threatened. No error



  1. According to educational statistics, the average age of college students has risen quite

  noticeable over the past 25 years. No error.

  2. A volunteer organization, the Covington Soup Kitchen has been feeding needy families since

  1977, annually distributing nearly a million pounds of food each year. No error.

  3. The research study reveals startling proof of a constant changing seafloor that comprises the

  major part of the underwater landscape. No error

  4. If I am reading the editorial correct, the mayor is deliberately avoiding any discussion of the

  tax-reform bill until after the November elections. No error.

  5. It was fortunate that Ms. Seward attended the committee meeting, for only she was able to

  examine the problem calm and thoughtfully. No error.



  1. 能用一個詞或詞組表達的不要用一個句子或從句

  2. 用because從句表達原因,而不用n+V-ing結構3. 句意不要重復例:A is equally as important as B(錯誤示范).

  虛擬語氣1. 條件句表達意思與現在情況相反或目前不可能實現。If條件句用一般過去時(did/were),從句使用過去將來時(would do)

  2. 條件句表達意思與過去事實相反。If條件句用過去完成時(had done),而從句使用將來完成時(would have done)

  3. 條件句內容與將來事實相反或實現可能性很小。If 條件句用should do/were to do,而從句要用would do 形式。對于以上這三種變化形式,考生只要做到靈活辨別,一般都能選對。


sat 語法固定搭配



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